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Onyx Glass is now offering custom ordering. Please allow up to 3 weeks for creation and delivery.

Ornaments, Flowers, and Pumpkins may be ordered through the Custom product page >Here<

Extensive designs and other items must be ordered by emailing

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Find a wide range of options for your custom pieces below including shapes, colors and other styles.

Products Description Example
Ornaments Thin blown glass with a glass hook to hang in the window or on a tree. Ornaments can be spherical or pulled and shaped into other elegant shapes.   Ornament blue Orn
Red Orn
Witchballs Originally used to promote good fortune, these thin blown spherical glass ornaments have multiple glass "stringers" shooting through the center. Minimal color will be used on these to make sure the inside is visable. Either a glass hook or a pedistal can be added for hanging or to sit them on a desk, or even in a small pond!
Pumpkin One of the most popular items in glass blowing. Glass is blown into a special mold to achieve the broad pumpkin ribs, then blown to the full pumpkin size. The elegant curly stem is placed on the body and a pumpkin is complete. Let on brighten your home in autumn, or any season! Pumpkin
Gourd Related to the pumpkin but with an extra constriction to separate pieces of the body. Usually taller than pumpkins. Saffron Gourd
Ghost Sppoky, or happy ghosts. These blown friends are sure to up your halloween décor. Pairs well with the Glow in the Dark color fo extra fun at night. Day Ghost Night Glow Ghost
Pulled Flower A whole flower is pulled from a disk of glass on a blowpipe. They can have straight or curled stems. They pair very nice with a custom vase! Copper Flower
Products Description Example
Stemless Wine Glass A simple concept, but many choices. Thinner blown glass is colored and shaped to a classic wineglass bowl. Add an additional color to make a neat swirl design.  
Topsy-Turvy Wine Glass A stemless wine glass, but with an angled bottom. The glass will spin around a central point and will not knock over. Great for those prone to spilling their favorite beverage. TT wine glass
Paperweight - Various Shapes Solid glass shaped in many ways. Spherical, cylinder, heart, pawprint… almost anything is possible. See the clear top coat of glass change the optical effects of the colored layer inside. sphere paperweight heart
Vase - Various Shapes Ultimate creative freedom. The form, the coloring, the complexity. There are no limits to the imagination. Speak with the Onyx Glass artist about a custom vase, they will do mock sketches to show what the final product will come out as. Vase1 Vase 2
Floppy Bowl Take a wide vase, heat it up super hot, then spin it really fast and suddenly stop and you're left with a floppy bowl. This unique method gets those awesome waves in the side of a vase. floppy bowl Floppy bowl 2
Platter Just keep spinning a wide vase until it starts to cool and harden and you're left with a wide, flat piece of glass. Platters can have a small pedestal on the back face to set on a table, or to hang on a wall. Platter
Basic Colors Description Example
Ferrari Red Opaque, bright red. "Striking" color - may have varying shades of red Ferrari Red
Copper Ruby Transparent, deep red. "Striking color" some variation in brightness Copper Ruby
Saffron Transparent bright orange Saffron
Marigold Transparent bright yellow-orange Marigold
Canary Yellow Opaque bright yellow Canary Yellow
Nile Green Opaque bright green Opal Nile Green
Silver Green Transparent deep green. Can reduce to a shiny silver color Silver Green
Cyan Opaque bright blue-green Cyan
Copper Blue Transparent bright blue Copper blue
Dark Blue Transparent deep blue Dark blue
Dark Purple Transparent deep purple Dark Purple
Lavender Opaque light purple Lavender
Black Opaque Black Black
Grey Opaque Neutral grey Grey
Enamel White Opaque bright white Enamel White
High End Colors Description Example
Glow in the Dark Blue Glows blueish-green in the dark. Needs light exposure to glow, sunlight is best. Appears as a frosty white in the light. Glow Blue
Gold Aventurine Transparent golden brown with shimmering gold dust. Made with Aventurine Quartz. Aventurine Gold 
Hot Pink Opaque vibrant pink. This color is made with Gold metal Hot Pink
Soft Rose Opaque soft pink. This color is made with Gold metal Soft Rose
Gold Mica Shiny gold top coat. NOT recommended for food/drink consumption Gold Mica
Pearl Green Mica Shiny iridescent green top coat. NOT recommended for food/drink consumption.  Green Mica
Due to the cost to produce and work with these colors, an additional charge will be added to the product total. Additional charges are based on the amount of color necessary to complete the order.
Color Mixes Description Example
Iron Maiden Transparent. Predominantly golden browns with some yellows, purples, reds and greens. This color will have a different appearance based on the lighting. In sunlight the color will appear more metalliac. Image Coming Soon
Pink Mix Transparent. Predominantly Pink with yellow, green and blue accents. Pink Mix 
Blue Mix Transparent. Predominantly blue with yellow and green accents. Blue Mix
Moody Blue Opaque. Predominantly Blues with streaks of various colors.

Cups and vases can be formed into a variety of shapes. A description of the desired shape or intended use and any pictures would help Onyx Glass to produce the best piece for you.

Coloring techniques can also add alot to your piece. Solid background colors and striped designs with cane are available upon request. Order may take longer to fulfill do to color ordering and preparation. Send a reference picture with your inquiry if there is something specific you would like.

Ribbed designs and swirls can be added to the piece with optic molds.

Additional features including handles can be added.

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