Custom Ordering

Onyx Glass is now offering custom ordering. Please allow up to 3 weeks for creation and delivery.

Ornaments, Flowers, and Pumpkins may be ordered through the Custom product page

Extensive designs and other items must be ordered by emailing




Starting Price¹


Bouquet of 6 Flowers


Ornament / Witch Ball

Pumpkin / Gourd $35


Cup / Stemless Wineglass  $20


Large Platter (about 12” Diameter)



¹ Pricing varies based on size, and added designs/features. 



Additional charges may apply. 1-2 colors is optimal**. 

Current Colors***

    • Pink Mix                                                     
      • Mostly pink, includes yellows, blues, and greens (Transparent)
    • Blue Mix                                                           
      •  Mostly blue, includes yellows, greens, and pinks (Transparent)

    Single Colors

    • Ferrari Red (Opaque)                                    
    • Copper Ruby (Deep Red) (Transparent)          
    • Saffron Orange (Transparent)                        
    • Marigold (transparent)                                    
    • Canary Yellow (Opaque)                                
    • Watermelon Green (Opaque)                         
    • Anna Green (Transparent)
    • Cyan (Opaque)                                              
    • Copper Blue (Transparent)                             
    • Dark Blue (Transparent)                                 
    • Dark Purple (Transparent)                              
    • Light Purple (Opaque)                                    
    • Pink Opal                                                      
    • "Iron Maiden"                                                
      • metallic browns, greens and yellows (Opaque)
    • Black (Transparent)                                        
    • Enamel White (Opaque)                                  
    • Grey (Opaque)                                                

     High-end colors – Add $3  

    • Blue Glow in the dark                                      
      • (Opaque, Glows after light exposure)                                                                   
    • Gold (Opaque)                                                 
    • Pearlescent Green (Opaque)                                                                                  
      • Pearlescent Gold (Opaque)                               

      Shape and Design:

      Cups and vases can be formed into a variety of shapes. A description of the desired shape or intended use and any pictures would help Onyx Glass to produce the best piece for you.

      Paperweights can be shaped into spheres, hearts or other shapes. A detailed description or picture of desired shape and design would help Onyx Glass to produce the best piece for you.

      Ribbed designs and swirls can be added to the piece with optic molds.

      Additional features including handles can be added.


      Custom orders cannot be returned. Please see our complete return policy for more information.



      *Each piece may vary slightly. Orders for duplicate items are not guaranteed to be exactly the same.

      **Colors can be combined or swirled together; however, due to the chemistry of the metals, combinations are not guaranteed to follow typical mixing patterns. Onyx Glass will provide recommendations regarding the combination or use of multiple colors.

      ***Onyx Glass has a rotation of colors, any one color is not guaranteed. Transparent and Opaque are based on the product description of stocked color and not indicative of actual transparency.