Glass Memorials

Memorializing a love one's ashes in glass.


When the Time Comes:

Loved ones are an integral part of our lives. We love them with all our hearts and one day they must leave us. Once our loved ones have departed, using their ashes to create a glass remembrance is the most beautiful way to celebrate their life, and the love you gave them.

The Process:

Your love one's or pet’s remains are handled with great care and respect. The glass blower of Onyx Glass delicately incorporates the ashes into molten glass. Colors of your choice are added and styled to your liking. The final product is crafted to the specified shape and cooled overnight. The product is shined and delivered to its final destination.

Each shape is hand crafted. Just as your loved one is unique, so is each remembrance created by Onyx Glass.

Onyx Glass is devoted to creating a treasure that will ease your grieving process. The ashes of your loved one will be forever sealed and immortalized in a stunning monument to all the memories you have shared.

Custom shapes can be crafted, such as the one pictured above. This one features a solid color style. Onyx Glass will work with you to create a piece from even a simple sketch.


Starting Price Includes:

    • Glass shape 3 inches in diameter.
    • Incorporation of your loved one’s ashes.
    • One color¹ of your choice.
    • Delivery to your door or vet office³ within 2 weeks of order date

Sphere Egg

Flexible Options:

  • All pieces require just 1 tablespoon of ashes to complete. Any unused portion is returned.
  • All pieces start at 3 inches in diameter. Larger sizes are available.
  • Color patterns customizable.


Starting at:

Sphere / Dome






Tear Drop






Paw Print


Custom Shape



Optional Additions

Additional Color


Add Bubble(s)


Direct Shipping



This is a difficult time and Onyx Glass is here for you. If you have questions about the process, please contact our glass blower at


You have a choice of colors from the listing below as well as how you would like them styled.

Current Colors

  • Pink Mix                                                     
    • Mostly pink, includes yellows, blues, and greens (Transparent)
  • Blue Mix                                                           
    •  Mostly blue, includes yellows, greens, and pinks (Transparent)

Single Colors

  • Ferrari Red (Opaque)                                    
  • Copper Ruby (Deep Red) (Transparent)          
  • Saffron Orange (Transparent)                        
  • Canary Yellow (Opaque)                                
  • Watermelon Green (Opaque)                         
  • Anna Green (Transparent)
  • Cyan (Opaque)                                              
  • Dark Blue (Transparent)                                 
  • Dark Purple (Transparent)                              
  • Light Purple (Opaque)                                    
  • Pink Opal                                                      
  • "Iron Maiden"                                                
    • metallic browns, greens and yellows (Opaque)
  • Black (Transparent)                                        
  • Enamel White (Opaque)                                  
  • Grey (Opaque)                                                

 High-end colors – Add $3  

  • Blue Glow in the dark                                      
    • (Opaque, Glows after light exposure)                                                                   
  • Gold (Opaque)                                                 
  • Pearlescent Green                                           
    • (Pearl white with green accent) (Opaque)                                                                   
  • Pearlescent Gold (Opaque)                               

    Color Style:

    • Solid - best for a single color, the glass coloring will be melted and mixed well until the glass is a fairly uniform color. The ashes will be placed uniformly over the solid color. The custom shape listed on the page is an example of a solid color design.
    • Swirled - best for 1 to 2 colors , the glass coloring and ashes are placed on the glass in lines. Once the glass is fluid enough, the glass is twisted around itself so the straight lines become a swirl. The sphere and egg shapes on this page are examples of a swirled style. 

    Shape and Design:

    Remembrances can be sculpted into into a variety of shapes. A detailed description or picture of desired custom shape and design would help Onyx Glass to produce the best piece for you.

    Ribbed designs, bubbles and 3-D swirls can be added to the piece with optic molds for an additional fee.



    ¹ We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear at the in the brochure and on the online store.

    ² Every loved one deserves to be honored and thus Onyx Glass will attempt to accommodate custom shapes desired. Custom products must be authorized through email to

    ³ Delivery to veterinary offices contracted with Onyx Glass ltd and in Columbus, Ohio.

    ⁴ From order date through veterinary offices contracted with Onyx Glass ltd. Orders with ashes that must be mailed to Onyx Glass ltd may experience up to 2 weeks to delivery from reception of ashes.

    ⁵ Colors can be combined or swirled together; however, due to the chemistry of the metals, combinations are not guaranteed to follow typical mixing patterns. Onyx Glass will provide recommendations regarding the combination or use of multiple colors.

    ⁶ Onyx Glass has a rotation of colors, any one color is not guaranteed. Transparent and Opaque are based on the product description of stocked color and not indicative of actual transparency.